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One day meditation trip

A one day meditation trip to a private island where you will enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and clean air.  You can practice meditation and physical yogic practices and singing within the  natural elements. The island is far from the disruptions of city life and you will hear nature's own unique sounds. Finding true wilderness - always changing and unpredictable - is rare.

This amazing possibility is available
only one and a half hours' drive from Helsinki


Twenty-four hour trip

How about spending a night on an uninhabited island, sleeping in a hammock or tent, after spending an unforgettable day in nature?
On a nightless night you can fall asleep watching the sun set and then wake after a short sleep to witness the sun rising.

Small groups only
+358 50 363 4670 or fysioacusaoy@gmail.com

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Wellness - Your body needs you

We offer treatments with qualified trained practitioners across a wide variety of massage and traditional therapies. 

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Come and check out our physical yogic practice classes online or in our studio in Helsinki. 

Our speciality

rTsa-mNye is a traditional treatment based on therapeutic touch. It focuses on the patient as a psychophysical entity.

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We would like to warmly welcome you to our members group. We wish to create a safe space where you can access teachings and ask questions, anything that comes up within your practice or just practical advice if things don't work out in your life. We will also write texts to inspire you and keep you motivated. We hope...

The island is called Long'ying ö-ché - the vast dimension of expansive clear light - named by my teachers, Mé-sèl Gyalmo and Bar-ché Dorje. Quite a name, but amazingly true. The island has some wonderful qualities that support my practice. Maybe it is just me, as I have the possibility of spending much time on the island during the summer...


Thank you for your interest

We are happy to help you on your path to becoming the person you really are.
We are very much enjoying our own paths and for this reason we want to share what we know with you.