I would like to offer my view, based on over thirty years of practising Vajrayana, to people who would like to have advice from a Buddhist perspective. If you wish know more about how Vajrayana could have an effect on your life, within your own personal circumstances, then please get in touch.

Sometimes I feel I am able to tap into a person's situation and provide insight that may prove helpful. I think this is based on the results of Vajrayana practice. I now feel confident enough to reach out to a wider public who might resonate with the way in which Vajrayana looks at problems, people who find themselves in difficulty in their lives, especially problems connected with depression, relationships, subtle unhappiness, etc. My main teachers in Vajrayana are Ngak'chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen of the Aro gTér tradition and I hope that my training may be of help to others. I would like to make clear that we are asking for a donation, and not a payment. The reason for this is that I am using the time I would normally spend working as a masseur, which is how I make my living. But if money is a problem for you then I am happy to book you in for less, or for free. 

Bar-ché Dorje