Every moment is a new beginning

Our six-week introductory course, 'Every moment is a new beginning', will help you understand what life can offer when there is less fear and hope ruling your actions, thus creating a feeling of open communication with all that you meet. You will learn practices on how to respond to situations with natural kindness and courtesy, even in difficult situations. You may discover that you experience moments of being in love with life. Through the practices we offer you will realise that you don't have to be ruled by knee-jerk reactions but that within you is the space which allows your own inherent wisdom to sparkle through.

During the weekly sessions, each one lasting about an hour, Naljorpa Bar-ché Dorje introduces Vajrayana meditation practices and explains how we can change our life by changing our mindset. After ordering the course online, you will then receive the sessions by e-mail and you can study them at a time that suits you. Each week you will receive a new practice. The course will be most beneficial if you are able to commit to practicing for at least thirty minutes every day.

We invited Naljorpa Bar-ché to teach this course because he works in our company as a masseur and is therefore more easily accessible. We ask for donations to cover the cost of filming, lighting and editing. We would also like to donate something to Bar-ché Dorje for his time. The teachings themselves are priceless and people with financial problems can always contact us to discuss other ways of making a donation or can receive the teachings for free. Money should never be an obstacle.

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You can receive the six-week introductory course all in one go or each of the six sessions separately.
However, we recommend that you study the sessions in their given order so that you will gain an increasing understanding of the practices.

When you click on the donation button you will be brought straight to the donation page where you can choose the session you wish to receive. An e-mail confirmation will be sent listing the session/s ordered.

Afterwards, within two days of choosing your session, you will receive an e-mail with a link to upload the video to your own device, as well as a link where you can watch the video online.
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Six-week course -
Every moment is a new beginning

Finding our inner wisdom will naturally give rise to active compassion. Entering a journey into the vastness of all possibilities we can rediscover the beauty of life. Life is not necessarily easy but when you learn to live it fully and with an open mind, life might become worth living. 

Our six-week introductory course will give you an understanding of what life can offer when there are no hopes or fears to distract open communication. It will give you an insight into how to cooperate and dance with the whole world with natural kindness and courtesy.

You will understand, on an experiential level, how 'appreciation generates generosity which knows no limits', how to experience the subtle communication going on all around us all the time, and how to get rid of our habitual baggage that rules our actions.

To commit yourself to practice you will be taking a huge step. You will begin to feel a natural responsibility to act like a hero or a heroine in the world.

Requested donation: €111 

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First week - meditation

The first session introduces a meditation practice called the four naljors, which will create the basis for an experiential understanding of all subsequent practices encountered during the other five sessions. This first session will also explain how the practices can change your life if you are willing to commit yourself fully to them. 

It will explore how the influence of family and the people around us have formed us; how our reactions have patterned us into a particular personality and how we identify with this as our reality. This session provides the tools to challenge and change this personality formed by the past in order to find out who we really are. 

The first session will also explain why it is so difficult to escape from the negative emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy and depression. 

Requested donation: €21 

Second week - liberating emotions

The second session explains emotions within the language of the elements - earth, fire, water, air and space.

By understanding this elemental language and recognising our own elemental tendencies, we can practice transforming our distorted emotions into liberated ones.

This session will also explain how we can create inner space and become aware of rising emotions within our silent sitting practice.

We don't have to be ruled by our emotions; instead we can liberate our emotional energy so that we can act in a kind and open manner in every moment. We can open ourselves up to every possibility that life offers, and our liberated emotional energy can spur us on to become the person we truly want to be.

Requested donation: €21

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Third week - integrating meditation into daily life

We introduce the view of cultivating awareness and kindness into our daily life circumstances.

This session will explain how to access our own natural wisdom and have enough inner space to be able to see our emotional responses. When we get used to this space, and become aware of our rising emotional reactions, we will discover that this space of awareness is also there when life pushes us, when we come up against difficult circumstances. So, we have a choice how to respond. This becomes mental freedom where the nonduality of wisdom and active compassion can be reached through spontaneous reaction.

When we no longer feel a victim of our circumstances and when we are not ruled by our emotional coping strategies, we have a natural impulse to be kind and compassionate.

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Fourth week - yogic practices

When we drop something into water it causes a ripple effect. Everything we express ripples outwards into space. Everything we think, feel, do, etc., is creating a ripple effect and communicating with our surroundings.

In this session we introduce a few psycho-physical yogic practices called Ying'khor. The effect of these practices is that we become aware of internal and external movement. Ying'khor is sometimes called 'calligraphy in space', affecting the space both inside and outside us. The yogic practices make us more aware of the radiating quality of our being and give us an experience of the vividness of phenomena. Other benefits of the practices are a sense of wellness, an increase in enthusiasm for life, and an increase in 'scrog' - life force.

When we start to become aware of the subtle communication going on all around and within us, we can begin to dance with our life circumstances.

The yogic practices that will be introduced in this session will support your daily meditation practice.

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You can study the yogic practices with us in our weekly online classes

Fifth week - connection

Like us, the earth is an organism.
It has a physical body and an atmosphere. By walking on the earth we can tap into its beingness. By moving within its atmosphere we can feel an effect in its radiation - we can communicate within its dimensions. The best way to experience this is when we start to practice in nature. 

We are born on the earth and therefore we have a connection with the earth and all its dimensions. In this session we will introduce a practice which will help you to become aware of this profound connection. 

This practice is a walking meditation called Rolpa'i Sa-Tak and after the session you can practice it wherever you are on the earth's surface. In this practice you allow the earth to guide your next move. When you have practiced this for a while you will find that you don't need your eyes to see where you are going. Somehow you 'know' where to place your next step.

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Sixth week - Drala

In the sixth session we will bring everything practiced so far, all our experiences, together in the dance of reality. Here we introduce the practice of Drala. Drala is the sparkling communicative expression, both seen and unseen, of phenomena. It is everything that can be perceived in the moment. It is the dance of spontaneity, always changing and moving beingness. It is our own unique expression, always influencing and being influenced by all other expressions. It is where we find our interconnectedness.

We will learn to be totally in tune with all that surrounds us and all that we meet. This is through knowing that our own unique expression is perfect just as it is, as a part of life on earth.

We may find ourselves becoming sensitive to all movements and expressions to such a degree that spontaneous active compassion springs out of this natural state of being, where fear and false hope have no place.

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