"Every human being is animated by moving patterns of energy - they are rich, vivid and powerful. We can experience their depth, and resonate with their vibrant harmonies by practicing Jong-dar." 
Khandro Déchen, Moving Being (2007)

Jong-dar* practices are very dynamic and improve physical and mental well being. The forms range from simple to challenging - from mild to strongly aerobic.

In order to practice, you will need openness, a curiosity to find your awareness, and courage to face yourself just as you are. 

Our online classes are a great way of figuring out which type of Jong-dar practice meets your needs. This can help you to develop your home practice.

You can find our weekly schedule here

You can also attend weekly classes at our studio in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. If you would like to participate in the classes in our studio, please contact Maria by calling or texting +358 050 363 4670.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you come to class at the beginning of the month. We change the practices at the beginning of every month and go through them in detail, so that everyone can learn them.


*Jong Dar Chèd pa
Jong (sByong) means: to distil, practice, train, exercise; or dispel
Dar (rDar) means: to grind, sharpen, hone, perfect, or polish
Chèd pa (byes pa) as in jong-dar chèd pa means: to do, make, create, produce, act, cause to happen; or be efficacious.