Classic massage

Massage, in some form or other, has been practiced since the dawn of human civilisation. Massage is the oldest known method to treat the human body.

We are all familiar with the need to comfort, heal or sooth physical pain by massage or manual therapy. Classic massage is a treatment that relaxes sore and tense muscles and improves circulation in the muscles and connective tissue.

During a classic massage, you are lying on a plinth while the therapist lubricates your skin with massage oil and performs various techniques. By relaxing the muscle tissue and speeding up the metabolism, massage reduces tension and anxiety, relieves stress and pain, and promotes a sense of well being.

The classic massage techniques are both therapeutic and relaxing.

Classic massage is a wonderful treatment for anyone with a busy lifestyle who needs to relax.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a treatment aimed specifically at athletes who seek a speedy recovery after strenuous exercise, physically active individuals who wish to maintain muscle flexibility, and people who are recovering from traumas of the musculoskeletal system.

Our trained sports massage therapists offer advice and guidance about body maintenance for athletes, physically active people and those undergoing rehabilitation.

The treatment is based on the same therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques used in classic massage, but in addition it focuses on stroking movements and stretching techniques that are particularly effective for muscles.

Sports massage effectively improves metabolism and flexibility in muscles. It can also be used for treating scar tissue and improving the elasticity of an injured area.

Sports massage mainly treats soft tissue but with its stretching techniques it can also help increase joint mobility.

Indonesian massage

Traditional Indonesian massage is oil-based and has much in common with Ayurvedic massage. It combines ancient therapeutic techniques which focus on the soft tissue, muscles, tendons and skin. The massage oil plays an essential role since it improves lymph circulation and metabolism, and restores the healing powers of the body.

The therapist uses deep pressure and long slow kneading movements to relax the muscles. Deep-tissue massage stimulates soft tissue, relaxes tendons between the muscles and promotes relief for sore joints, muscles and sports injuries.

The treatment can be performed on the floor, chair or massage table.

This intensive treatment helps to rebalance the body and mind.