Our Story

Our story started in 2004 on a retreat in Finland. Bar-ché travelled from Holland to teach Jong-dar practices from a vajrayana lineage called the Aro gTér, for the first time and Maria learned these yogic practices from him. She had already spent some time learning hatha yoga but she fell in love with the vividness and variety of the Jong-dar practices. It was a new world for her that opened up amazing possibilities.

Not long after, Bar-ché moved to Finland having met a lovely Finnish lady. He started to teach meditation and Jong-dar practices, as well as the martial arts (Gar-tak), on a weekly basis and Maria was one of his enthusiastic students. 

Bar-ché and Maria also practice the same profession and when Bar-ché decided to stay in Finland they began a massage company, Fysioacusa, together.  Today, they still share a studio in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki,  where they offer meditation and Jong-dar classes, Open Aro gTér teachings, and with their wonderfully skilled colleagues, Oskar and Heikki, they give massage treatments. 

"Spring 2020 gave us the opportunity to expand our services, discovering the possibilities of sharing our knowledge and love for life with more people through the internet.  Now we can teach online and try to become more visible to a wider public, to anyone who has an interest in becoming a more open-hearted and kinder person, these vajrayana will be of benefit.  We have both been meditating in this tradition and practicing these yogic practices for more than twenty years. Bar-che has over thirty years' experience and has been teaching practicing, including Jong-dar of the Aro gTér all over the world. I have less experience but, people tell me, that I am still skilled in my style of teaching.

"The background and lineage the teachings come from is Vajrayana Buddhism, and here, with this platform, we are trying to make it possible for everyone to have a taste what it means to practice and to adopt a view in becoming a kind and open person.

"The other thing we are offering our customers is the opportunity to practice in nature. Bar-ché Dorje is very keen to teach practices in Nature, and so it would be easy to invite him. I have an uninhabited island off the southern coast of Finland where I find nature is a huge support for my meditation and Jong-dar practices. I am also a nature and wilderness guide and am keen to share my knowledge on how to survive in the wild. 

"Such things have become possible because we now have more time - time to create a new website to present practices for our customers and members - and, even more importantly, we have some amazingly skilled individuals to work with. They can introduce themselves below, but one thing I want to say is they are a fantastic bunch of people!

"Our name, 'Every moment is a new beginning,' came into being because the situation this spring (2020) has been quite challenging for many people. We ourselves have also experienced great change but because of our practice we have been able to use this change to create new possibilities. The main idea behind our practice is the understanding that life is constantly changing. And being open to change makes life interesting in so many ways."


The Team


Talking about myself is not really something I enjoy but as I have been asked to do this, here goes ... I think I am an open-minded sociable person. I love to explore life in all its facets. I have always been interested in the body-mind connection and how this interconnects with everything and everyone around us. As a child, I loved heroes and magic and started at a young age to explore the martial arts. But already by the age of sixteen, I was interested in their spiritual side. I explored Eastern philosophy within healing and spiritual practices. When I was thirty, I started to explore Tibetan Buddhism called Vajrayana and am still practising it today . I and my wife are both teachers and we have a group of dedicated students.

Over time I realised there are many people who would benefit So, more and more, I had this feeling that many practices could be transmitted to people who are looking for a system to help them deal with life, who wish to explore a method in order to give themselves mental stability in whatever situation arises, to find their own passion and purpose in life not based in fear and social pressure. So in this first introduction in  six videos we focused on the meditation practices called the four Naljors (yogas) and the practice of how to become more aware of our knee-jerk reactions and allow this to integrate in our lives to become sensitive to the environment and how it communicates with us. A series of practices taught over six weeks, where you can find out on an experiential level whether this is something you would like to pursue in more depth.  I wish you a warm welcome and hope to see you soon; together we can perceive the wonders of the world through exploring the mind, and find that mind and the world are totally interconnected.


My passion is Nature, family, yogic practices and the martial arts.

If I could choose, I would live most of the time on my island. I would bring all my dear friends and family to the island in my boat, give them treatments in a yurt, practice meditation with them, teach yogic practices and nature skills, and enjoy some truly memorable times with them in the wild.

In real life, however, I am a masseuse, reflexologist, rTsa-mNye therapist, Kalevalainen jäsenkorjaaja (Finnish healing system) therapist and nature guide.  I work mostly in Helsinki but now, more and more, in Pyhtää on my island.

I graduated as a masseuse in 1996 and practiced at home until I met Bar-ché and we decided to share our professional skills, setting up our studio in Helsinki. As a therapist I love the fact that the more I study the more I can be of help to people. 

The best thing that ever happened to me, after my three amazing children and now one grandchild, is that I started meditating in 2004. It truly changed my professional and personal life for the better. I am completely different from how I was when I first encountered these practices. I still have fear but now it does not confine me. I still have hopes but in a way that is joyous, without expectations. 

I feel I am extremely lucky to have come across these teachings almost twenty years ago. It is my hope that I will be able to open up this amazing path, which has so transformed my life for the better, for others who are also willing to take a step into the unknown.


I am Irish, not Finnish (but this chicken is Finnish and called Lily, the same as my youngest daughter!), and absolutely delighted to be a part of this fantastic project. My job is words, making words flow. When Maria asked me to edit this website and then to join the company, I was just so excited. This is a project I wholeheartedly believe in - I know the people, I know the land, and I know that you will not be disappointed.

Bar-ché is my teacher and has been a solid rock of strength and support since I first met him fourteen years ago. Maria is my dear friend and I have watched her grow and flourish over the last ten years, becoming the person she was meant to be. 

Do these practices work? Yes they do. I know this because of what they've done for me. For years I struggled with self doubt, depression, unhappiness and the sense that nothing would ever change and I would be stuck here forever in my own 'wilderness' of misery. Meeting Bar-ché was one of the most profound moments of my life; he became my teacher and stuck with me, even when I seemed a hopeless case - to myself and to others - he was always there. 

I was headstrong and didn't always follow his advice, doubted the practices, doubted myself, but I kept going. All these years later my life has been transformed. I know this sounds like one of those cheesy online clichés trying to sell you something ... but it's actually true! And don't get me wrong - it's not a piece of cake - I worked damn hard to be where I am today. Today I love my life, I love what I do, I love the person I have become.



I first became interested in body mechanics and maintenance during my martial arts practice. It's essential to take care of your body to keep it in working order your entire life, especially when engaging in activities that strain your joints and ligaments. Therefore massage and similar body maintenance practices have been an important part of my training from the beginning. To allow me to start practicing massage professionally, I graduated from Hierontakoulu Atlas in 2018 and began my osteopathy studies the same year. My main interest is in understanding how the body works as a whole and finding the root causes of various problems so that the proper function of the body can be restored. Outside of work I practice the martial arts, concentrating on historical European swordsmanship, but also on wrestling, wing tsun, taiji and weight lifting.

At Fysioacusa, in addition to classical and joint mobility massage, I also do osteopathic treatments as part of my studies.


I'm a licensed massage therapist specialising in the techniques of osteopathic manual therapy and joint mobilisation. 

In my work I like to treat all kinds of limitations on joint mobility, stiffness and
pain of the spine and the joints, different kinds of muscle tension and pain, work and habit-related problems in the body, tension in the neck area, headaches, etc.

For over fifteen years I've carried out research into the functions of the human body through my practice of Chinese martial and health arts.
I studied classical massage and joint mobilisation at Hierontakoulu Atlas in
2014-15 and manual therapy at Osteopatiakoulu Atlas in 2015-16. 

I started my training in Chinese martial and health arts in 2003 with Master Lü Baochun and have continued practicing them ever since.

I would like to help you find your own way of achieving relaxation and well being.

Welcome to massage!
041 462 0599


Otso is the one who taught us how to use social media. He is young enough to understand how it all works but old enough to know what can go wrong. We are still learning from him even though he is currently studying to become a lumberjack and logger up in the North. 

Otso has also studied filming as a hobby and helped us in so many ways to film our six-week course. We miss him; he is currently in North Finland but luckily, thanks to the internet, we don't need to live in the same city to communicate, and pick his brains, when needed. 


I'm a freelancer working mainly in film production, but also film education, lecturing, photography and art. 

I'm passionate and experienced and have worked with everything from metal bands to educational videos and beauty parlours. 

Being perceptive to my clients' needs and expectations, and putting the personal touch on everything I do, have always been and will always remain my goal. Any project is a new challenge that I will take on with great honour and enthusiasm. 

After all, the name of this website is applicable to both one's personal life and work life - Every moment is a new beginning.


Niklas "The Man With The Hat" Nieminen 



The man who makes it all possible, Mika is our handyman. Whenever something needs to be done he does it!

He knows how to build a house. He can  repair a boat, not only the wooden parts, but the engine and everything else as well. He has this amazing skill of intuitively knowing what is wrong and the patience to keep working at it until it's fixed, even when everyone else has stopped trying. When he decides he can repair something, he just keeps going until the problem is resolved.

Mika does not like writing about himself so I, Maria, am writing on his behalf. He is my partner and the father of my children so I know what I am talking about.

He owns a construction company and is well-known for his precise workmanship and easy-going communication.

If you are planning to renovate your home, you can contact us and we will let Mika know that his help is needed. He mainly works in Helsinki and the surrounding area.