Reflexology for babies

Reflexology for babies can help infants with colic, teething issues, stomach pain or sleep difficulties.

The techniques are gentle and painless and they work by stimulating the nerve endings in the baby's feet and hands, which correspond to the different organs and areas of the body.

During the therapy session the baby typically receives a full-body massage that helps to promote healthy body awareness.

Treatment is given only when a parent is present. The therapist is happy to offer advice and guidance on how to improve the baby's health at home.

Infants are very responsive to reflexology. The number of treatments required varies from one to five. The treatment takes about half an hour but it is generally a good idea to book a one-hour appointment because babies appreciate a relaxed atmosphere.

Shortly after the treatment the baby is often more hungry and tired than usual.

Our reflexology therapist is Maria, a mother of three and grandmother of one. Thanks to her twenty years' experience, she 'has a way' with babies.

"I feel confident enough to say that so far I've managed to help almost all the infants I've treated. So please do contact me if you think your baby could benefit from some reflexology. I'll do my best to ease your everyday life as a parent - a happy baby means a happy parent!"