rTsa-mNye is a treatment based on therapeutic touch. It focuses on the patient as a psychophysical entity.

rTsa-mNye is divided into two parts: a diagnostic procedure and a treatment. They are connected and complementary. The therapist performs the diagnostic procedure by therapeutic touch and observing the movements of the client. 

During the manual treatment the therapist uses a wide range of tension-releasing massage strokes that aim at treating the core of the problem. It is partly done on bare skin with oil or grease.

rTsa-mNye is based on the idea that each one of our cells has the capacity to heal itself. For example, when a bone is fractured it soon starts to ossify and form new bone tissue. If the healing process is disrupted or prevented, it could significantly prolong healing or the tissue might remain damaged resulting in a permanent problem in the tissue surrounding the fracture site. 

Long-term chronic pain and other side effects might cause physical tension or create additional stress at work and home. By relaxing and manipulating tissues based on the individual's requirements, the tensions and blockages of body, mind and energy that disrupt normal cell function are relieved.

rTsa-mNye treatment supports the natural healing process of the body.