An unforgettable day on an uninhabited island

Come and spend a day you will never forget on an uninhabited island off the coast of Finland.
Immerse yourself in wild, unspoilt and unpredictable Nature.

The island is located near Pyhtää, only a one and a half hours' drive from Helsinki. From the harbour you can take either a canoe or taxi boat out to the island. Your choice!

We only take small groups (maximum of 9 people) to the island. Bring together your own group of people and we will come and pick you up from the harbour on the day of your trip. Choose a one day trip or spend twenty-four hours on the island. Choose your daily activities and the menu for the day. Read more below.

To book your trip contact us by e-mail, call +358 50 363 4670, or message us through our 'contact us' page. Your trip starts here! 

One day trip

A one day meditation trip to the island where you will enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature and clean air. You can practice meditation and yogic practices surrounded by the natural elements. 

A qualified meditation teacher and a nature guide will be with you for the whole day. If some of your group prefer, the island is big enough to spend the day alone. The day's programme will be planned according to the requirements of your group. 

Below you will find other options for the day's activities.

Twenty-four hour trip

How about spending a whole night on the island, sleeping in a hammock or tent, after an unforgettable day in nature? During the daytime a programme can be planned according to the wishes of your group. 

You can meditate, practice yogic postures, learn archery using Mongolian bows and arrows, or acquire skills to survive out in the wild. You can also spend your time fishing or swimming and, in the evenings, relaxing around a campfire. 

Below you will find options to choose for your trip.

Options for your trip

 How to get to the island, your activities for the day,
and your preferred food options are all entirely up to you.

How would you like to travel to the island from the harbour?

By canoe:

Smiling Redfox, with whom we have an agreement, will guide you to the island in single open canoes.
Eppu (the guide) is an experienced canoeist and will bring you safely across the water. 
He is a good teacher and is able to help even beginners to the island if the weather is not too windy. 
In case the day of your trip is too windy for canoeing you can either choose a different day or you can still come to the island, but by taxi boat. 

If you choose to come to the island by canoe you need to be sure that your fitness level is good enough for a 3 km outward journey, as well as the return trip. This journey is demanding and it is better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, the canoes have a weight limit so please ask if you want to know more.

By taxi boat:

We also have an agreement with Kotkan Saaret, who have a RIB-boat with nine seats.

There is no jetty on the island but the boat can easily reach the shore so there is no need to wade through water. 

The RIB-boat is fast and has no shelter so prepare yourself for a windy ride!

Wind is an almost constant companion on the island, although even in a strong wind you can find a calm place to sit, if that is what you prefer.

Here are the day's activities - you can choose from as many or as few as you wish. 

- Meditation 
- Walking meditation - Rolpa'i Sa-Tak
- Yogic physical practices - Jong-dar chèd pa
- Yogic singing
- Rock jumping
- Archery
- Fishing
- Swimming
- Climbing trees
- Campfire
- Simply sitting in nature
- Nature-survival skills

For the twenty-four hour trip:

- Sleeping in a hammock
- Sleeping in a tent
- Sleeping on the ground without any shelter 

- Night-gazing practice

Choose your activities and call us on
+358 050 363 4670

Meals are not included in the overall cost.

What you eat and drink during the day is important for your sense of well being. For this reason water, non-alcoholic drinks and healthy snacks are provided free of charge. 

For meals, we have a few options that will influence the price of your trip.

Breakfast -  5 €/person 

Lunch - 15 €/person

Dinner around the campfire - 25 to 35 €/person

Own picnic food - 0 €/person

Breakfast menu:
Porridge with berries, coffee or tea

Lunch menu:
Salmon soup, lentil soup or Finnish summer soup (vegetarian) with bread (and avocado if available)

Dinner menu:
Smoked salmon, grilled beef, vegetarian patty or sausages with potatoes or rice and grilled vegetables of the season

If you bring your own food please be aware that there is no electricity on the island, so no possibility of refrigerating food.

You are very welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks with you - unfortunately we cannot provide them because we don't have a license. 

We cater for special diets - vegan, gluten and dairy free, etc. - just ask!

How much does the trip cost?

There are always two guides with your group to ensure the trip is as safe as possible. When you consider the cost for two people working 9+ or 24+ hours (the guides always need to work a few more hours before and after the trip), and the fact there are taxes and expenses the company must pay in Finland, we hope you will understand that what we are asking is reasonable. In case you are not able to pay this amount you can pay less, and if you feel moved to give more that would be much appreciated.

9-hour trip with canoes

Max 8 persons in a group


9-hour trip with taxi boat

Max 9 persons in a group


24-hour trip with canoes

Max 8 persons in a group


24-hour trip with taxi boat

Max 9 persons in a group


If you have any questions call us on +358 50 363 4670 or message us through the contact page here