Is this religion?


I think most people define religion as the belief in, and celebrate a creator or god. So Buddhism, although a religion, doesn't celebrate a creator or ultimate god. There is no discussion about whether there is a creator. The real question might be: if there is a creator, who created the creator?

Vajrayana Buddhism is more a journey to find our natural state and our connection with the world .The course introduced here is derived from Vajrayana Buddhist practices of the Aro gTér. and is expressed in a down to earth language for people who are not used  to the language of the cultural Vajrayana paradigm. 

In the beginning, this course can be integrated within any religion or spiritual system as it is a method of finding our own natural self and expressing our uniqueness in the world, just as we are.

Although, if you would like to deepen the practices, you will find yourself automatically within the Vajrayana world

Bar-ché Dorje