A life-changing possibility


There is a moment in everyone's life when we discover that our existence does not feel complete. A feeling of dissatisfaction.  Something is lacking even if materially we have everything we want. Those moments when we experience this lack may be so short that we don't even notice them, but it is wonderful to discover there is something beyond our material hopes and fears that can make our life more  vivid and interesting. 

Our six-week introduction will help you realise what practice can offer when there is less fear or hope to distract open communication. It will give you an insight into how to cooperate with the phenomena world with natural kindness and courtesy. You may discover moments, that you feel in love with life and that life practice and view supports you, even in difficult situations. You may come to feel that you are no longer ruled by knee-jerk reactions but that there is an inner space allowing your own inherent wisdom to sparkle through. 

We sometimes have to learn to accept that the situation we are in is fundamentally out of our control. We can, however, dance with the situation.
Dancing means being without hope of completely controlling anything.

Finding comfort in the discomfort, because emptiness is happening all the time  
It means we practice to find comfort in our own unique inner expression, our own unique wisdom in all circumstances. 

This doesn't mean that certain aspects of the picture cannot be modified - but this can happen only when the change lies within our own power and capacities.
Dancing simply means that we cease to panic about what lies outside our capacity to change. We can transform some aspects of what happens within the chaos - because order can arise out of chaos. We just do our best within all our circumstances without expectations.

We can learn to trust that holding the space of an inner wisdom will have a profound effect on us and all those around us, because we try to establish confidence in our view.  This will automatically radiate out, even when we don't perceive the effect straight away.

Bar-ché Dorje and Maria