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Most people nowadays become interested in meditation because of its health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, an increased feeling of the 'happy' hormones, lowered stress levels, etc. This is often called mindfulness. There are many courses on the market and they will have these effects when you follow instructions. This programme will do this too, although mindfulness is not its main purpose.

Through our many experiences and little traumas we create 'a personality' and we reinforce this personality by having the same reactions, time after time. We feel the same fears and hopes, the same depression, and experience the same anger issues. So... this programme is about bringing all the things we have cultivated in our body, mind and energy field to the surface in order to liberate them. This is so we don't have the same knee-jerk reactions to life. It has changed my life, creating a feeling of wholeness, with the freedom and space to tap into my inner wisdom when life situations become difficult, instead of reacting from the basis of neurological patterning where there is no choice.

I hope this course will make you as excited as we are, with a lust for life in all its many aspects.

Bar-ché Dorje